Property Maintenance & Landscaping

After leaving the Royal Navy in 1985, after 9 yrs service the only employment I could get was seasonal delivery driver or a sales rep.I decided to start out on my own while working as a delivery driver for a concrete production company. These job helped me with getting to know the area and selling my trades to the public when starting the business. It was the summer of 1988 when I decided to establish A. D. Service. as a landscaping service.


Starting out on my own was a great decision and for the first few years the business was growing, mainly by carrying out patio constructions and fencing and building a regular garden maintenace round. Most of the income would go straight back into the business by puchasing the tools of the trade, conrete mixer, angle grider, levels, and lawn mower.


In the early 90s Britain went into recession and things got a little difficult, so part time evening work in local factories kept me going. I also used this time to learn new trades by doing work for other tradesmen. By diversifying into other trades, decorating, tiling, plastering and creating new bathroom refits work soon picked up again.


Since joining MY BUILDER in 2011 there is never a period without the diary being full. The clients that come through on MY BUILDER continuously use us time and time again.